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Is Britain’s university system really a timebomb?

Mike Ratcliffe defuses that UK2020 report, and offers a critique of the way it has been constructed. He argues that we need to address these arguments, despite their low quality, as they are continuing to catch the attention of the media.

A working class hero is something to be

Students at Oxford’s StHilda’s College have voted to appoint a Class Liberation Officer – something easy to make fun of. But Claire Lynch argues why this shows they are needed more than ever.

Sexual harassment on campus: an alternative view

Claire Reddleman responds to a recent article on sexual harassment on campus, arguing that it is important not to misrepresent the issue or propose inappropriate solutions.

Generation consequence: understanding students’ lives

Students are increasingly isolated and stressed as they worry more about their future than generations that came before them. How can we better understand their lives and how to improve them on campus?

It’s the children who are wrong

Jim Dickinson responds to Jonathan Haidt who argued at the weekend that “young people are demanding a censorship on campus that shuts down argument in a dangerous way”. Is he right?

Happy New Year, Generation K

Who are Generation K and why are they right to fight for a better world in universities today? Jim Dickinson asks whether the increasingly indebted students of today should stand up and be counted despite opposition from those that would sooner dismiss their aspirations for the world they want to create as frivolous or dangerous.

Time to get real about sexual assault on campus

As the Secretary of State takes action against lad culture on campus, Jim Dickinson argues that the sector needs to take up his challenge but go even further to clear out the perpetrators of sexual violence.