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One-way ticket to New DLHE

Farewell, then, Old DLHE; your passing is unlikely to be mourned, particularly with New DLHE looking like it’ll be a significant upgrade. Andrew McRae considers the impact on academia.

Are global university rankings losing their credibility?

It’s the season of the global university rankings, and so long-time rankings watcher Richard Holmes compares the major results and methodologies used – and finds much change in the data, but little change in how the rankings are treated by the media and higher education establishment.

OECD: whose side are they on?

Amidst the first serious skirmishes of the general election campaign, the OECD’s support – or not – of England’s higher education reforms, has become a source of significant political disagreement. Using OECD data and quoted positions, Labour and the Conservatives were trading blows about HE in Parliament last week. This has brought confusion and counter-claims about OECD’s actual line on the recent HE reforms. Andy Westwood cuts through the spin to find out what’s really going on.

World-class universities or systems?

With governments around the world looking to rankings to measure success, and perusing prestige in its various forms, is this now becoming an unhealthy distraction from creating sustainable systems that include institutions with distinctive missions able to meet the needs of the societies and economies that they serve? Jamil Salmi, the global tertiary education expert, writes about this growing tension.