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Fees, austerity and war: understanding the student vote

In the week that the Labour Party is expected to set out its plans for higher education after the General Election, Adam Wright explores the student vote, how it maps against wider social trends and looks at how and why student support for the Green party may impact Labour in May.

Green Party 2015 higher education policies

Twenty fifteen is the year that we need to start paying attention to party policymaking at all levels. With the Green Party increasing their membership and now gaining ground in the opinion polls, not least amongst students, David Kernohan reviews the state of the party’s higher education policies – with some surprising results.

Poll: Green Party surges in support from students

A new poll shows a surge in support for The Green Party amongst students They are now the second choice party for students, moving ahead of the Conservatives for the first time. Labour remain the first choice party, but support is slipping as the General Election approaches, a trend seen amongst the wider population. This is the first time since this polling began ten years ago that any party apart from the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats or Labour have been in a top three position.