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Looking fair and wide on university access

What if access to higher education was entirely ‘fair’, and more evenly split across social classes? David Morris has made a rough model of a ‘fair’ system to uniquely illustrate some of the challenges for fairer and wider access to university.

What determines university choice, and what is its monetary value?

How do different characteristics of universities influence choice? The team at London Economics has taken a look at how rankings, employability, and student support influence the perceived net monetary value of a degree, and found some intriguing results.

A call for transparency in university admissions

Angela Nartey, policy officer at the University and College Union, takes a look at their new report which suggests an overhaul of the university application system using actual grades rather than predicted.

Clearing 2012: How wrong was I, and why?

Back in July, I wrote a post confidently predicting that this year’s Clearing would be less interesting than was widely expected, Somebody, somewhere will have a bad experience in Clearing because somebody, somewhere always does, but there is no reason to expect a pattern or trend. Those who do badly this year may do well next time. Life staggers on much as before. In this post, I look back at Clearing and ask who won, who lost and why? And why I got it wrong in July. Sort of.

UCAS Figures: Don’t panic….yet! – Updated 6/1/12

Today, UCAS released its November figures which offer a snapshot at where application levels are in this current cycle. They are down from last year which has caused many to claim that higher fees are putting off potential students. Despite coming from all sections of the mainstream media, as well as social media, there is absolutely no evidence for this assertion. In fact at its worst, it amounts to either lazy reporting or sometimes even opportunistic scaremongering.