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The future of work – what do we know?

The “future of work” is a much trickier call to make than robot-festooned reports make it look. Charlotte Malton at Britain Thinks takes us through what we can actually know, and how institutions can prepare themselves and their graduates.

Finding your future focus

Is your university strategy fit for the future? It depends which future, explains Simon Hooton.

Futures? It’s not rocket science

If you are interested in futures thinking, Alister Wilson explains that that you need to start with what you want to get out of it. This is the latest in our HE futures series.

The canary in the mine

In this instalment of our HE Futures series, Jenny Shaw of Unite looks at how 2014 predictions about the sector in 2034 are shaping up three years on.

Why do we forget the future matters?

In the first instalment of our HE Futures series, Alister Wilson highlights just how difficult it can be for an organisation to properly focus on the future.