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Is this the future for UK university sport?

Some US universities spend a LOT on sport A recent Bloomberg report on US universities expenditure on sport highlights the huge amounts spent by Rutgers, which tops the list of spending: Like most of Rutgers University’s almost 30,000 undergraduates, Matt Cordeiro has never put on shoulder pads and played football on a Saturday before a… read more

Firsts and fees, plagiarism and pay hikes (and the rest)

No dumbing down here – is this the most comprehensive HE piece ever? Daily Mail online has a terrific piece which manages to conflate a host of different higher education issues within a single kick ass column. On the back of recent HESA data which shows an increase in the number of students achieving first… read more

Providing information that helps students with HE choices

New consultation on providing information that helps students make the right higher education choices HEFCE has launched a consultation on information for prospective students: Schools, colleges, universities, student unions and a wide range of other bodies are being asked to comment on the information that higher education (HE) providers publish to help prospective students choose… read more

How real is the concern over degree standards?

Guardian story: Take concern over degree standards seriously, universities warned Whilst MPs will always find ways to give VCs and universities a hard time, they can rarely be accused of getting too close to the serious issues. But where is the evidence for this huge public concern about degree standards? And are the responses the… read more

Students “more satisfied than ever before”

According to the Times Higher Education analysis of the latest NSS data, students are more satisfied than they’ve ever been. For universities in England, students’ overall satisfaction rate rose slightly from 81 per cent last year to 82 per cent, while satisfaction scores in six specific areas, including teaching, assessment and academic support, also all… read more

Downloads: the new student currency?

Follow up to Classic August survey Leeds University clearly believes this new research has real merit. And that you will be quids in if you choose them over, say, the University of Nottingham: During one academic year, going to Leeds could mean the average student is more than £2,238 better off– the equivalent of more… read more