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What prospect researchers really do

Some parts of the press paint prospect research as a suspicious business. But – as Madeleine Harwood explains – it’s just a way to get the most value from fundraising campaigns, and to match donors with causes they have an interest in.

University fundraising might be about to get much harder

Successive Ross-CASE reports have highlighted the sector’s success in raising funds from donors but this could be about to change. New regulations are being introduced that will impose new costs for universities and could make it much harder for the sector to raise money.

Ghana gets tough on Honoraries

In Ghana, the Accreditation Board is “mad” at honorary degree awards Ghana News reports that the country’s Accreditation Board is “mad” at honorary degree awards by unqualified institutions: The conferment of honorary degrees is the prerogative of degree awarding institutions so mandated. Therefore accredited private tertiary institutions operating under the mentorship of chartered, degree-awarding universities… read more

Graduation 2014: Latest

Updates from the Ceremonial Front Line I recently provided a summary of a series of posts related to graduation (reproduced below): A recent post on graduation challenges including Decanal difficulties with names and a failed graduand backflip. The surprising news that swimming was not part of graduation requirements any more for one US university. The… read more

Honorary Degree: serious or celeb 2014

Who are this year’s lucky winners? A post some time ago on Honorary Degree recipients noted that almost all of them fall clearly into one of two categories: they are either serious or celeb. Back in 2013 I provided a handy list of recent Honoraries for further analysis. Basically, if you are a serious academic,… read more

Betting the farm

A very big gamble The Chronicle of Higher Education has an extraordinary piece about how one investment manager gambled away $13.1 Million of her university’s money: Over a series of three contracts, Ms. Prizevoits signed over more than $8-million of the 96-year-old university’s money in 2008 to a Florida-based company called Betts and Gambles Global… read more

It’s graduation time again

It’s gown and mortar board season Having realised that I’ve written quite a few posts on graduation in the past, and being short of something new to say as our graduation season kicks off this week, I thought I would bring together a few recent pieces on this most special of university occasions. So, here… read more

Big bucks for students with big ideas

A big prize for University of Pennsylvania graduates The Philadelphia Enquirer has a good story about an initiative at the University of Pennsylvania for graduates who want to change the world: Graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a strong desire to change the world and an excellent plan for how to do it?A new… read more

Needed: More Money, Money, Money

Higher Education needs more and better fundraising. And fundraisers A new publication from HEFCE on developing the HE fundraising workforce: This report was commissioned by HEFCE to address one of the recommendations in ‘Review of Philanthropy in UK Higher Education: 2012 status report and challenges for the next decade’ (the Pearce report), specifically the future development… read more

The Imperfect University: rational admissions – it’s time for PQA

  A brighter future for university admissions? It will be some time before all of the results are in but it does look at this stage as if this year’s admissions round has been a little less turbulent than last year’s. The mood across many universities seems to be one of some relief after a… read more

University of Nottingham: Gig central

The University has hosted some impressive acts down the years It has been quite a long time since the University of Nottingham hosted really big bands. But the history, mainly from the early 70s before the advent of the Boat Club and Rock City, is surprisingly impressive: Some gigs took place in the Sports Centre,… read more

The Graduate Programme for University Leadership

An excellent programme for graduates looking to develop careers in university management Recruitment for the Graduate Programme for University Leadership has recently gone live and the pitch is a good one: The university sector is one of the most innovative, vibrant and exciting environments in which to build your future career. If you’re looking for… read more

The Imperfect University: Know Your History

  Know your history For my 700th blog post here I thought I would reflect on university histories. Given their nature it’s often struck me as rather surprising that universities and their staff tend not to have a well developed sense of institutional history. Research matters to universities but they tend not to prioritise maintaining… read more

‘University of Nike’ in Oregon

A huge investment in university sport The New York Times has a report on the opening of a hugely expensive new facility to enhance the University of Oregon’s football programme. It comes courtesy of a sizeable donation from one of the founders of Nike. The Football Performance Center, which was unveiled publicly this week, is… read more

More honoraries: serious or celeb 2013

Who are the lucky stars this year? A previous post on Honorary Degree recipients noted that almost all of them fall clearly into one of two categories: they are either serious or celeb. The former really don’t get much press coverage so it doesn’t really matter if you have won a Nobel prize, discovered a… read more

Eau de HE: the Smell of Success

A new range of fundraising fragrances from Notre Dame The Chronicle of Higher Education has this entertaining piece about the very serious business of making money from smells: The University of Notre Dame has long been known for its enthusiastic sports fans. Now, the South Bend Tribune reports, all of those rabid supporters will be… read more

Another dumb ranking

The universities which will make you a millionaire! Mail Online publishes this insightful piece on the “graduate rich list” which shows you “where to study to make your millions”: A new graduate ‘rich list’ has revealed the universities where students are most likely to become multi-millionaires. Oxford comes top after producing 401 alumni worth £20million… read more

The Imperfect University: The End of Internationalisation?

Is it the end for internationalization?   No. It’s not a bubble. It’s not bursting. A recent Chronicle blog suggested that, in common with some other higher education activities, internationalization was a bubble and about to burst. It isn’t. International student recruitment patterns continue to evolve, some branch campuses are less successful than others and… read more

Chancellor successfully installed

One of those big University events Yesterday the University of Nottingham installed (a technical term) its seventh Chancellor, Sir Andrew Witty. Full details of the appointment and the background to Sir Andrew can be found on this page about the installation and the video of the event can be found here. Note that the video starts with… read more

The Imperfect University: Mobility Matters

  The Imperfect University: Staff getting on their bikes One of the things professional services colleagues sometimes complain about is that whereas  academic staff can be promoted in post – and indeed can progress all the way from lecturer to professor in the same academic department – they can’t. Instead to advance their careers administrators… read more

The Imperfect University: Graduation – a bit London 2012?

Graduations: A bit like the Olympics but then some Graduation is one of the most significant events in the university calendar. It is a slightly bizarre and rather ritualistic event. Everyone (well, nearly everyone) dresses up, in gowns and/or posh frocks or newly acquired suits. I have attended two of my own and over 150… read more

Yet another ranking

This time it’s an alumni ranking   The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on this new player in the US college rankings: If you had it to do all over again, would you choose to attend your alma mater? Do you think the education you received there was a good value? How much money do… read more

The University of Nottingham at the Olympics

As has previously been noted here the University of Nottingham is very keen on the Olympics: Six University of Nottingham graduates have bagged Olympic medals for Team GB over the past 20 years, making it the UK’s 7th most successful university at the Olympics. To put this in context, 80 countries have never won an… read more

Commencement v Graduation

Some similarities but quite a few differences too   It’s that time of year again. Well, almost. It’s commencement season in the USA and will be graduation season in the UK in about six weeks or so. A couple of years ago I blogged on the issue of US v UK graduation experiences (and used… read more

Nottingham Potential – a launch and an opening

Helping young people to reach their true potential I was delighted to be at an excellent event to mark the launch of Nottingham Potential and the formal opening of the IntoUniversity Nottingham West centre. It’s a major programme and a central component of the University’s widening participation strategy which has the aim of helping young… read more