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Developing the UK’s international education strategy

But the report strikes a few wrong notes Back in July 2013 the Department for Business Innovation and Skills published its International education strategy: global growth and prosperity. For some reason it passed me by, despite its ambition: This strategy sets out how the government and the whole education sector will work together to take… read more

Unbelievable excitement as website updated

Big announcements about Unistats As previously noted there is no shortage of information available to prospective university students. Unistats was intended to enable better decision-making by students but, whilst it is not without merit, it is no substitute for effective advice and guidance. Unfortunately this shiny website seems to be pretty much all that’s on… read more

Go West. Or East. Plans for more student mobility

Government wants more students to travel There is to be a Government initiative to persuade more students to travel. The aim is that more UK students will be encouraged to broaden their horizons by travelling overseas for part of their degree courses. The new UK Outward Student Mobility Strategy aims to boost the number of… read more

Regulation without legislation

Not a campaign slogan but the next steps in HE regulatory change from HEFCE Something of a surprise announcement from HEFCE on new changes to HE regulation. The changes follow a written Ministerial statement from David Willetts. The changes cover a lot of ground: The success of higher education in England is underpinned by the… read more

Yet more support to help UK HE internationalise?

More international support for Higher Education A year ago HEGlobal, the new portal for helping universities develop transnational education capability, was launched: There is a consensus across government that engaging in and promoting international education and skills is strategically important to the UK for three main reasons: firstly it presents potentially significant commercial opportunities; secondly,… read more

Where are the statues of great academics?

There really aren’t a lot of them about Perhaps it’s because so many are involved in committees and are therefore disqualified by G K Chesterton’s comment: “I’ve searched all the parks in all the cities and found no statues of committees”. But really there aren’t huge numbers – I can recall statues of Newton and… read more

The Imperfect University: How not to defend higher education

Simple: ignore administrators (or worse) The recent launch of the “Council for the Defence of British Universities” (or CDBU) offered some fascinating insights into a particular corner of British society. Like a strongly worded round robin letter to the Times made flesh it attracted some big names  from Sir David Attenborough to Baroness Deech. A… read more

Go compare – Which advice to take?

Which? University adds to the university information mix Last week saw the launch of the new Which? university comparison website. Trailed in the White Paper n June 2011 it offers yet more information to prospective students in what is already a very crowded landscape. The Which? University website enables comparisons of courses by students by… read more

Blots on the information landscape

Exciting new report on redesigning the higher education data and information landscape A previous post commented on regulatory issues and the work being undertaken on the “information landscape”. A report on part of this work, the imaginatively entitled “Project B” has recently been agreed by the Interim Regulatory Partnership Group. The report sets out a… read more

Offshoring opportunities – a real alternative?

Minister proposes overseas campuses as alternative to international student recruitment Times Higher Education reports that David Willetts seems to be pushing overseas campus expansion – with private finance support – to compensate for reduced international student recruitment resulting from government immigration policies. The idea features, not for the first time, in a speech on international… read more

How small can a university be?

Size isn’t everything but does it matter for a university? I picked up an interesting blog post from Andy Westwood, CEO of GuildHE, in which he argues that the reduction in the required number of students for the award of university title is a good decision by government and will deliver another “level playing field”… read more

David Willetts on internationalisation via sharing university statutes

An interesting idea? At the recent HEFCE Annual Conference the Universities Minister, David Willetts, delivered a wide-ranging speech which included a couple of interesting points on internationalisation:   Since becoming universities minister, I have worked hard with UUK’s excellent international office and of course the British Council in forging partnerships with other countries: with China,… read more

The Imperfect University: Do we need a level playing field?

On the issue of a “level playing field” for universities For the next, slightly briefer, piece in the Imperfect University series, I thought it might be interesting to pick on a topical issue which nevertheless has wider relevance and also serves to highlight some of the imperfections inherent in higher education. Following the White Paper, Putting… read more

Risk of managers swamping universities?

Some seem to think that management numbers are growing too fast HESA, the Higher Education Statistics Agency has recently published its annual summary of staff numbers in higher education. The headline data follows: Academic staff Of the 181,185 academic staff employed at UK HEIs, 44.2% were female, 12.4% were from an ethnic minority and nearly… read more

HEGlobal – helping UK higher education internationalise?

International advice for Higher Education HEGlobal, the new portal for helping universities develop transnational education capability, has launched: There is a consensus across government that engaging in and promoting international education and skills is strategically important to the UK for three main reasons: firstly it presents potentially significant commercial opportunities; secondly, it is an important… read more

Students as consumers? Or not?

University isn’t just a business – and the student isn’t always right In his review of higher education funding, Lord Browne made the student as consumer the centrepiece of his rationale for change. The Government’s White Paper last June also claimed it was putting students “at the heart of the system”. The Guardian Higher Education… read more

Fashion victims?

Another exciting new higher education development The Evening Standard, along with much of the fashion press (I believe), carries this story about a new fashion and design college: MOVE over AC Grayling, there’s a new college in town. Magazine publisher Condé Nast is launching a private college for fashion and design next year, which will… read more

Tuition fees: Minister warns universities

More than just sabre-rattling? The BBC reports on a warning from the Universities Minister concerning fee setting plans. Speaking at the Dearing Conference at the University of Nottingham on 17 February he warned that, because the government had assumed that the average fee would be £7,500, if most universities charged higher than this the additional… read more