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Dear University People: more HE at the Movies

I wrote here a couple of years ago about my excitement at the release of Admission. A film actually about admissions to higher education. OK, really a romantic comedy rather than a detailed dissection of Clearing and Adjustment, but still all very exciting. Anyway, I still haven’t quite got round to watching it but maybe someday… read more

Course of Thrones

There are some exciting zeitgeisty university courses out there. Here’s a look at a couple of new ones on Game of Thrones, Star Wars and more.

Honorary Degrees: The Rush to Revoke

With universities everywhere continuing the stampede to revoke honorary degrees, Paul argues that universities should start being more careful about whom they bestow the honour in the first place.

UK student mobility: double Dutch?

News reports suggest a massive growth in British students going to the continent to study. But is everyone really going Dutch? Or is this still very much a minority sport?