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Real internships add real value

A piece by EAB reports on a new Gallup survey showing that students who have internships that apply what they learn in the classroom are more than twice as likely to feel that college has prepared them well for life after graduation.

The new University of Life

Some people are just too smart for university Must admit to being immensely irritated at the so-called ‘UnCollege’ proposition> And, having seen Dale speak recently at Going Global my annoyance has not decreased. This seems to be the story of UnCollege: Dale was unschooled for grades six through twelve and enrolled at Hendrix College in… read more

Mobilising the humanities

Humanities – helping to meet global development challenges I was pleased to be present at the launch of this study which was conducted by Ipsos on behalf of the British Council. It was launched on 1st May at Going Global 2014, the British Council’s annual conference for leaders in higher education which took place in… read more

A stimulating new degree course

A Degree in Coffee? Inside Higher Ed has an entertaining piece on the advent of a new degree in the critical area of coffee: Many students and faculty members consider coffee to be essential to their daily existence. The University of California at Davis could be moving toward offering a major in coffee, The Sacramento… read more

Dealer deals

A fair deal for students? PA Consulting have produced an interesting report on ‘The Student Deal’: The Student Deal: designing genuinely student-centred higher education incorporates our latest thinking on current issues and challenges in higher education. Reflecting the changing dynamics of the higher education system, The Student Deal challenges the limitations of the current thinking… read more

The 2014 Grant letter: another epistolary triumph

And the wait was finally over The Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills has written to HEFCE with the Department’s annual message on funding and helpful bag of instructions. As excitement in the sector reached near fever pitch, the contents were being live-tweeted by @TimesHigherEd while everyone else waited to get hold of… read more

Global Employability University Ranking

Global Employability University Ranking 2013 A new Global Employability University Ranking has just been published by Times Higher Education. The list is compiled by French human resources consulting group Emerging Associates along with Trendence, a German polling and research institute: It is based on responses from 2,700 recruiters in 20 countries, who were asked which of… read more

Britain’s lowest price degree course?

Asda is launching an undergraduate degree – will it be Asda price? Some time ago I posted on a story about Asda’s parent company Wal-Mart and its partnership with a for-profit online education provider in the US. More recently we learned that Morrisons was to offer a degree course to some of its staff. Now… read more

Falling short: careers guidance in schools

A new Ofsted report on the parlous state of careers guidance Ofsted has recently published a report entitled Going in the right direction? Careers guidance in schools from September 2012. The report covers a sample of 60 schools to assess how they were addressing their legal responsibility, in place since September 2012, for securing access to… read more

Higher Ed data – way too much information

Tackling the surfeit of data I’ve written before here about Higher Education regulation (see for example this general commentary and this post on information provision) and the excess of information provision available to prospective students. It’s pleasing therefore to see that HEFCE is undertaking a review of providing information about higher education. The aims of the review… read more

The Graduate Programme for University Leadership

An excellent programme for graduates looking to develop careers in university management Recruitment for the Graduate Programme for University Leadership has recently gone live and the pitch is a good one: The university sector is one of the most innovative, vibrant and exciting environments in which to build your future career. If you’re looking for… read more

Go West. Or East. Plans for more student mobility

Government wants more students to travel There is to be a Government initiative to persuade more students to travel. The aim is that more UK students will be encouraged to broaden their horizons by travelling overseas for part of their degree courses. The new UK Outward Student Mobility Strategy aims to boost the number of… read more

On the size of branch campuses

Biggest isn’t always best but it does tell you something Looking at the latest University of Nottingham student statistics and the most recently published HESA data it struck me that Nottingham is now the UK’s largest campus university (ie if we exclude the Open University). However, it is important to understand that two of our… read more

Investing in careers support

More careers support for Nottingham students The University of Nottingham has invested in a major expansion of its Careers and Employability Service intended significantly to enhance provision for students. The new investment will support the vision for tailored career development, learning and employability support to Faculties. So far, the following steps have been taken: 22… read more

The College Scorecard: KIS-ing in the USA

President Obama announces a higher education initiative which looks a bit familiar   The College Scorecard as it is known has attracted some mixed reviews since it was announced by the President. The Chronicle of Higher Education notes that it is intended to help prospective students but that it doesn’t perhaps do all that is… read more

University top targets for graduate employers

Flying high The Telegraph reports on the results of the latest High Fliers survey of employers which shows the universities targeted by the largest number of top employers in 2012-13. The top 20 is as follows: 1. Warwick 2. Nottingham 3. Manchester 4. Cambridge 5. Bristol 6. Durham 7. Oxford 8. Birmingham 9. Bath 10…. read more

Higher education funding letters: another bundle of joy

On government HE funding letters The Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills has written to HEFCE with the Department’s annual message on funding and helpful bag of instructions. The letter sets out Government funding and priorities for HEFCE and for higher education for the second year of the new financial arrangements for higher… read more

These charming men. And women.

Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before A couple of years ago I noted a report on the teaching of “life skills” to students preparing to leave home for university and having to look after themselves for the first time. Now there is a report on how universities are stepping in to… read more

Go compare – Which advice to take?

Which? University adds to the university information mix Last week saw the launch of the new Which? university comparison website. Trailed in the White Paper n June 2011 it offers yet more information to prospective students in what is already a very crowded landscape. The Which? University website enables comparisons of courses by students by… read more

Career Advice by ‘Virtual Inkblot Test’

A new approach to careers advice The Chronicle has a short piece on a new approach to delivering careers advice. Essentially it is a contemporary take on the traditional inkblot test which has been updated to a set of images in an app: Researchers at the company, Woofound Inc., have built an application for students… read more

Troops to Teachers

New directions for service leavers: but should UK be doing more? The University of Nottingham is offering extra places for for former service personnel wishing to retrain as teachers. It’s an interesting development and one which has arisen as part of a government initiative: British servicemen and women who are leaving or have left the… read more