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The culture wars and a tale of two letters

As universities hit the news, for all the wrong reasons, Mark Leach and Louis Coiffait argue that the sector needs to be alive to the coming culture wars and respond in kind.

A radical librarian writes

Radical Librarians are “censoring student reading”, according to a recent newspaper report. Kevin Sanders set out what librarians actually do in universities, and why enhancing metadata is a long way from censorship.

Futures? It’s not rocket science

If you are interested in futures thinking, Alister Wilson explains that that you need to start with what you want to get out of it. This is the latest in our HE futures series.

Rock goes to College (patriotically)

Imagine if OfS had the final say over the bands that performed at English universities, and could veto any that did not sing about the glory of the proposed regulatory framework Paul Greatrix examines a very surprising case from India.

Why student loans are a confidence trick for the 85%

A small number of students, by accident of birth, experience free tuition. Danny Dorling ponders what young people who pay their fees up front can tell us about the design of the current student finance system.

Supporting international students

Induction is just the start of the support journey for international students. Anne Lee of OIA makes the case for a more holistic approach.

Whatever happened to the promise of online learning?

Online learning advocates have always made big promises and sweeping statements – but more than 20 years on where are we? Richard Garrett of OBHE takes a global look at the myths and realities of online learning.

Trump that: what we can learn from US higher education

One Scot, four English, a Welshman, three Australians, two Chileans, a German, a Panamanian and six Americans went to Washington DC and Philadelphia to learn more about the US HE system. Tom Kellie reports back.

What’s happening to quality?

With the regulatory framework consultation and the Quality Code consultation out, top quality wonk Catherine Boyd, has plenty of thoughts on the future of quality in the English HE sector, and beyond.

A game of risk

Regulation is all about managing risk – how well do the proposals in the regulatory consultation do that? David Kernohan sees an uncomfortable financial parallel…

The cost of regulation

Institutions will subscribe to the new Office for Students, but at what level, and how will these levels be determined? And what are the other potential costs in the new system? Catherine Boyd takes a look

Spaces that inspire

In an article adapted from the University Alliance “Technical and Professional Excellence: Perspectives on Learning and Teaching”, Mike Clark and Stan Stanier from the University of Brighton survey the latest trends in estates development.

Innovation in teaching: tidy is good; so is untidy

In his contribution to the University Alliance collection “Technical and Professional Excellence: Perspectives on Learning and Teaching,” Sir Michael Barber revisits a favourite regulatory metaphor around landscape gardening.

Graduate wellbeing and the transition to work

On World Mental Health Day (10th October 2017) Student Minds published a report on the well-being of young graduates making the transition from university into the workforce.

Understanding degree algorithms

A Universities UK/GuildHE report explores how a student’s final degree classification is arrived at, with the aim of improving transparency and accountability. Samuel Roseveare explains more.

In defence of modern universities

With calls to return to the binary divide once again heard, Matthew Taylor offers an appreciation of just how good modern universities are at forging connections.

The canary in the mine

In this instalment of our HE Futures series, Jenny Shaw of Unite looks at how 2014 predictions about the sector in 2034 are shaping up three years on.