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Birds Behaving Badly on Campus

Nottingham has a gaggle of Canada geese, but how would registrar Paul Greatrix cope with an invasion of “demon spawn” grackles, as has happened at the University of Texas?

Fake Degrees, Real News

Why would people pay for a qualification that is so clearly not valid? Paul Greatrix looks in detail at the recent series of degree mill news stories.

Students: bring your pets to campus

It’s a dog’s (cat’s, snake’s, guinea pig’s) life for Paul Greatrix has he takes a look at US initiatives to allow students to stay on campus with their pet, as a recruitment tool.

Happy new regulatory regime

Paul Greatrix doesn’t see much new year cheer as the advent of the Office for Students and a new approach to regulation suggested an increased institutional burden.

Days at the museum

Universities often run museums. Paul Greatrix talks to the University Museums Group and exits via the gift shop…

Rock goes to College (patriotically)

Imagine if OfS had the final say over the bands that performed at English universities, and could veto any that did not sing about the glory of the proposed regulatory framework Paul Greatrix examines a very surprising case from India.